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Contract Bound

LGBTQ Vampire Romance

An Imposter in Warriors Clothing
New Adult Magical Dark Fantasy Romance

The Price of Silence

Paranormal Bully Reverse Harem

A Coward in a Kings Crown
New Adult Magical Dark Fantasy Romance

The Price of Silence 2
Paranormal Bully Reverse Harem


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From Silvia’s point of view vampires are blood sucking soul less creatures that don’t give a damn about any of the humans in this world. She decided that the only way for her to live: Kill vampires and pay of her crippling debt.

 Silvia was adamant about not working for blood suckers but when they came to her with the promise of erasing all her debt she couldn’t say no.

Now the accomplished hunter is forced to baby sit the most dangerous vampire heir in the world. Their excuse was that humans were smart and they have adapted, using sound weapons against vampires but Silvia knew as soon as she set eyes on the breathtaking heir to the vampire throne that there was more than meets the eye.

Can the heir teach her that not all vampires are soul less monsters? It’s hard to say but one thing is for certain, the attraction between them was deadly.

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A Court of Thorns and Roses meets A New Adult Twisted fantasy in debut author Elle Mae’s magical, romantic dark fantasy series, in which strength, feelings, and betrayal are all tested time and time again.

For as long as Vien could remember she had been a pitifully weak mortal with a miserable life. Only by what seems like a chance encounter in a dark forest is she able open her eyes to a more enchanting albeit more dangerous magical world.

It’s been six hundred years since magic started disappearing and people started dying. Baecos and his court have been searching for Vien for over a hundred years hoping that by some chance that when she reincarnated that she would be able to help them.

The problem? Vien has no connection to her past memories or powers.

Baecos offers her a place in his Kingdom and helps her train to get her magical powers back. Vien is tempted by power beyond anything she had ever dreamed of causing her to rethink her plan to rejoin the mortal world.

But the power is not the only thing making her hesitate.

The circumstances surrounding her death have been too suspicious to ignore. And while Baecos has relit a long-forgotten fire within her, he is hesitant to answer her questions leaving her to doubt his true intentions.

Let’s hope that this time, curiosity does not kill the cat.

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I am Rosie Miller and at the age of ten, I was cursed.

Because of my parents' debt, I was forced into silence and now every word, every laugh, was a weapon used against me.


By nineteen I had come to understand that I would have no choice but to follow in my parents' footsteps. Get a soul-sucking job reserved for low-levels like me, keep my head down, and die alone. 


That was until I got a letter one day welcoming me to the most prestigious demon academy in the entire country.

 I knew that when I opened that letter, it was too good to be true. There was no way after thousands of years of separation between high-levels and low-levels that I would ever be given such a golden opportunity.


Meeting them only proved my suspicions to be correct.


A bloodthirsty gangster.

A child of a high-ranking demon official with a penance for blackmail. 

And last but not least a witch who seems to be called by the power my curse exudes.

Becoming tangled with them will probably be the most reckless thing that I have ever done in my life, but will it be worth finally breaking my curse after nine years?

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Iniq thought the dreams would never end.

From the moment she left that world she has had a show over her. She sees him in her nightmares, his claws still deep within her soul.

After Nitri had refused her from the throne, claiming her too weak to rule.

A spark of light so tiny appeared that it made Iniq burn with need.

She set forth a plan that would make Nitri regret his decision to bar her from the throne.

She had once promised to take the world by the throat and force it to watch as she conquered all, now with the throne taken away from her, her journey seemed almost impossible.

Especially when those damn red eyes would not leave her dreams.

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I am Rosie Miller and at the age of nineteen I found out my entire life had been a lie. 

The same person who has forced my skin to be cut open every time I spoke was now tempting me with a chance to rid myself of her curse.


Now with the truth in hand, I am forced to find it or less risk losing the single chance at getting rid of my curse for good.


I have a mission, but even though it is to protect witches and demons alike … It will also hurt someone I have come to care about.


But I will do it. I will suck up the feelings that are raging inside of me and do the task I was set forth to do. 


I only pray that Daxton doesn’t hate me. 

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