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Elle Mae

Elle Mae is an indie author that focuses on queer spicy romance. She also writes under the pen name Eden Emory which features contemporary queer romance.

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Newest Release

From Elle Mae comes a spicy sapphic vampire romance set in the world of Contract Bound with all new characters and a romance between a cruel vampire princess and a cold hunter who come face to face after a prophecy foretells the princess's death by the hunter's hands.


My entire life had been decided by a prophecy.

Born into a family proficient in killing every type of supernatural being on the planet, there was only one path for me.

But when it finally came to fulfill the prophecy, I found myself face to face with the most cruel yet breathtaking creature I had ever come to know.

The same one I was supposed to kill.

Yet how is it when every time I try, she's always one step ahead of me?



My father had turned me into a monster.

A cruel, unbreaking force that laughed in the face of all those who stood to face me.

And then he went and sold me to a bastard Prince who wanted to see nothing more than my own downfall. All while trying everything my later mother worked so hard to build.

And then she came.

She would have been a beautiful break in the constant downpour that had been my life... if she hadn't gone and ruined it all by putting her nose where it didn't belong.

But I would pay it back in full, and maybe even have some fun while I was at it.

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