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The Sweetest Sacrifice


I wanted to get away from the pain, be somewhere where no one knew me… or cared.

As it turns out being alone in one of the most haunted towns of the country was probably a bad idea.

I should have run when he visited my dreams on the first night…. And now he has a hold on me that I am unable to shake.


I have lost count of the years that I have been locked in this time while the townspeople parade, mocking me for my failure. The only thing that keeps me going is my ability to feed off of sex-fueled dreams… but it is not enough anymore.

Not when I met her.

I knew that I needed to feel her. Control her. Consume her.

And it was only a matter of time…. After all, it’s Halloween and I am finally due to be summoned.



Ever since my little sister died, I have been able to see ghosts. It didn't take me long to realize that maybe it was best to just ignore them. After all, having to wander for all eternity with only other ghosts for company did strange things to the soul.

So why did I agree to help a teenage ghost save his kidnapped sister?

And from a demon no less!

I don't know what she wants or why she chose me but there was one thing that was certain. I will not be giving my soul to her.

No matter what her silly little deal states.


The human was... interesting. Humans hated my kind.

Thought we were disgusting and some type of monsters roaming the earth to steal the souls of their loved ones.

And they were true for the most part... but I had never met a human who had scolded me like a child the first moment they saw me.

After seeing the fire in her eyes I knew that this was one soul I had to have. By any means necessary.


[SIGNED] Paranormal Novella Bundle

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