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From Eden Emory comes an f/f spicy dark forbidden romance between an overconfident cyber security expert for an adult club and the step-sister she's been in love with since they were young.

I am a professional liar.

But not because I like to lie...

because people don’t like the truth.

I did what I had to survive, but I made a promise once.

There was a single person on this earth

that I could never lie to.

My step-sister, Lillian.

The problem is that along the way

I begun to lie to myself.

I’m a good person.

I am happy with my life.

And lastly... I am not in love with Lilian.

It has been nine years since I last saw her and twelve since I confessed my love.

This time will she finally believe me?

Note: this is a dark romance with many dark themes and an unconventional pairing. Please look at the trigger warnings on the authors' website before continuing. The people in this book are full of flaws and are not good people, do not come into this book looking for a typical hero because you will not find one.
Don't Leave Me is a contemporary standalone in an interconnected series surrounding an adult club.
The Club Pétale is a series of interconnected standalones with HEA's. They do not need to be read together to be enjoyed but it is recommended that you start from Don't Stop me.


[SIGNED] Don’t Leave Me: A Second Chance Step Sisters Romance Paperback

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