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Everything I Had Wished For Twilight: Make it Gayer

I have been a fan of vampires ever since the I had picked up a worn copy of Twilight in my elementary school library. Yes you read that right. Elementary school. My friends and I gushed over the books and had an absolute freak out when the movies finally came out.

Would you believe me if I told you I saw the movies more than once?

Don’t get me started on the heart attack that Breaking Dawn gave me and my friends in the theaters. To this day that scene gave me trust issues.

But my obsession didn’t stop there. I tried to seek out every vampire book I could. Vampire Diaries, Interview with a Vampire, Vampire Academy, you name it really. Even after I couldn’t find any more of those books I began to pour myself into fanfiction (it’s an addiction really).

As I grew and started becoming more truthful with myself I realized that there were many things missing from Twilight.

First, I hated Bella as I grew. I hated how weak she was.

Second, I was way gayer than I thought I would be when I was younger and there was no representation in that book at all (there is much more to this argument but thats for another time).

Third, it was YA.

The third point really isn’t an issue with how it was written or who it was written for but now that Twilight is coming back into popularity it is painfully obvious that there are not many adult options for people who like vampires.

This is where I come in. Over the last few months I have been perfecting my newest novel. And yep, you guessed it.

It’s a Lesbian Vampire Romance. And — for those who like it — it’s also enemies to lovers. The idea came one day when I found a Twilight video on Tiktok complaining that they wished it could be gayer. Oh boy do I have some news for that person.

This is going to be the gayest book you have ever read and it is full of Lesbian spice and has gay side characters as well.

One thing that I wanted to change about the current books is that there is such an absence of LGBTQ main characters that it is painful. We need more representation. We deserve love too.

For those of you who are interested in this book I have added a blurb below. The books will be out everywhere on 3/30. For those who do book reviews please contact me if you would like an ARC copy!


Everything that Twilight was missing. A steamy dark enemies-to-lovers in which prejudice, fear, and familial ties are not just tested but repeatedly broken leaving the characters, and the readers, yearning for more.

From Silvia’s point of view, vampires are blood sucking soulless creatures that don’t give a damn about any of the humans in this world. She decided that the only way for her to live: Kill vampires and pay off her crippling debt.

Silvia was adamant about not working for blood suckers but when they came to her with the promise of erasing all her debt she couldn’t say no.

Now the accomplished hunter is forced to babysit the most dangerous vampire heir in the world. Their excuse is that humans are smart and they have finally found a way to fight back. Silvia knew as soon as she set eyes on the breathtaking heir to the vampire throne that there was more than meets the eye. She knew that whatever the human rebels had in store could not possibly be more dangerous than the person in front of her.

Can the heir teach her that not all vampires are soulless monsters? It’s hard to say but one thing is for certain, the attraction between them is deadly.


Excited to see where this book goes. Thanks for everyone who read! How about you, are you a Twilight lover? What did you think it was missing?



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